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Roof Roof.

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Garage Roof

The next step is the 2×6 TG(tongue &groove) decking on top of the rafters.  Remember, these rafters are trees…peeled…not milled to perfection.  Yes, we laid them as best we could to maintain a semblance of uniformity(levelness) but they looked pretty gnarly IMG_2515to me.  IMG_2514As we laid the 2×6 I watched for any ‘high’ spots and took care of them with the chainsaw.  We had a whole crew out to put up the 2×6 but it still took two days.  The weather was deteriorating since it was now into October so we didn’t get the metal roof up but instead had to settle with the famous ‘Blue Roof’…at least famous here in the state of Washington.  The IMG_2598IMG_2610‘Blue Roof’ held all winter and in the summer of 2015 we were able to install the real metal roof.  We decided to forgo any type of insulation for the garage.  It would have added $3-5k  so we will live with our choice.  You can be sure we will install some very good roof insulation in our cabin.