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Our Well

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Well

IMG_2027 2At our initial meeting with Rob from Advanced Drilling we were told that our well depth would be approximately 120 feet deep…that is ‘well language’ for “I don’t have ANY idea so I will pick a number totaling the ages of my oldest son, my aunt Martha, my dog Bart and uncle Joe.”  Needless to say we were nervous.  At $34 per foot that meant around $4000.  We knew that Rob had 30 years of experience and was doing his best to give us an ‘educated guess’…but really…who knows what will actually be the depth.  IMG_1567IMG_1916We even had a ‘Witcher’ come out and walk around with his ‘witching rods’ and tell us where the water was.  I was skeptical but he turned out to be right.  OK so they set up the equipment and start drilling.  Things were very noisy during the drilling.IMG_1998 2  IMG_1575

After maybe 4-5 hours Rob informs us that he is 130 feet down with no water in ‘sight’.  His estimate based on the shale he was into was no better than 200 more feet!  Wow…ok…let me sit down…sheesh…what now?  We discuss the possibility of drilling down at the lower end of our property…1500 feet away.  The well there would probably be 60-80 feet…but the expense of pushing

IMG_1994 2IMG_1984that water up 1500′ to our building site would cost close to $15,000.  What now?  We asked if we could ‘sleep on it’.  Later that evening I get a text…his son had been on line and found other wells in the area that had the same ‘shale’ ground as us and he felt we’d find water within 100 more feet.  Rob offered to drill 100′ more without charging us extra if it was ‘dry’.  We would still be responsible to pay for the 120′ dry well if there was no water!  I didn’t have anything to loose so they began drilling in the same hole the next day.  Drum roll……within a few hours they hit wonderful cold fresh drinking water…after only 80 additional feet!  16 gallons per minute!  WhooHoo!   So…we did owe him for the 200 feet of well…but we were so happy that our well was here on our cleared land.  Thank you Advanced Drilling!