Camp Setup2

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Camp

IMG_8164The process of building our ‘camp’ lasted most all of the first summer.  We started with just our pop-up and a tarp.  Then added the 10×20 container for tool storage then added the 10×20′ carport for shelter.  We were able to use the internet because of our satellite dish and solar panels to provide power.


IMG_1947Bonnie had to keep her business running over the net and I had to watch the NBA playoffs.  

Seriously, it was valuable for the property development issues we ran into on a daily basis.  Part of the fun for me was that every day was about SOLUTIONS.  How to solve different problems and issues.  The same conveniences you enjoyed ‘at home’ were not present ‘off the grid’.
Couple that with the fact that I had never acted as my own GC(general contractor) and it sure made life interesting.  I loved it!

If any of you know the Pacific NW at all you will know that it rains…a lot.  This first summer I was on site by the middle of April to fall trees.  Bonnie was still in Florida taking care of business and ‘missing’ the beautiful wet weather.  The following clips show me documenting what she is missing.  Enjoy.  I think I’m funny so please don’t tell me otherwise…it will crush me.

IMG_1927Bonnie and I LOVE visitors!  In fact we hope to use this property as a sort of ‘retreat center’.  A place where people can come to ‘get away’, relax, recharge and just plain enjoy nature and the beauty God has created.  Family visits were our favorite.  Briana brought our two grandkids out several times.  What a cool place.
I guess it goes without saying that there are all kinds of animals on the property.  Some we love to watch and photograph.  This herd of elk are in this pasture all year long.  I have seen up to 95 head of elk at one time.  Wow…

This snag is only 100 feet from our cabin. Eagles and other wildlife frequent the property.

This snag is only 100 feet from our cabin. Eagles and other wildlife frequent the property.


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