Cash for Doug Fir Trees

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Falling/Peeling Trees
Cash for DougFir

Cash for DougFir

We contracted with a man one hour away from our property to purchase 25 Douglas Fir trees 10″-18″ thick and 6-8 8″ trees for rafters.   We paid more than the ‘timber world’s going rate’ of $3-400(changes daily) per 1000 board feet.  However, you need premium logs…straight and with little taper if you want to build a log cabin.  Most of the trees I purchased had been marked by a local utility yard as possible poles(to be used for utility poles…straight and little taper).  The problem with selling trees to a utility is that it’s not until they are brought to their yard and processed that you are positive they will pay you for them.  In other words…they reserve the right to ‘reject’ trees that don’t ‘make the cut’.  Thus you never know which trees they will actually pay you for.  Not a great prospect.  That is why my seller chose my cold hard cash over the utilities shaky deal.

As we were falling trees I noticed that Terry was falling them accurately.  So I decided to place my GoPro out where he thought the next tree would fall.  You gotta see this vid!  The tree lands ____”…no, I better not give away the ending:)  Enjoy!

IMG_1813 2

IMG_1814 2

The process of falling, limbing, cutting to length and skidding the trees out to the landing was probably the toughest work I’d done in 20 years.  But the most rewarding!  I was involved in building my own log cabin…not from a ‘kit’ but FROM SCRATCH!  I may have been beat and bruised…but the satisfaction I felt erased my aches and pains.

We used a dozer to skid the trees out to the landing where we cut the trees to length for my garage dimensions…also so they would fit on the logging truck.

IMG_1812 IMG_1815

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