2016 Cabin Model

Posted: March 26, 2016 in Uncategorized







Jack and Sharon of the Onalaska Building School have always taught to build a scale model before you build.  Smart.  Trust them, they have over 60 years of combined knowledge.  So I did…and not only did it show me how my cabin would fit together but it showed me what ‘I didn’t want’.  By building it and looking at it I could tell thumb_IMG_5872_1024thumb_IMG_5883_1024it was not what






I wanted.  So I changed it…and changed it…until we came up with a desired plan.  I had designed our cabin from my head so it took some visualization before it all came together.  I don’t know about you…but I am a visual learner.  Something that also helped me was some design software called Home Designer($99).   It will do everything…exterior walls, roof, interior layout and give you all the measurements automatically.   thumb_IMG_5882_1024Very thumb_IMG_5876_1024helpful for the placement of my staircase, wiring plan, windows and doors as well as hardware and cabinets like sinks, toilets, appliances and furniture.  The cool part is it has a 3D feature that allows you to see every side of your project by using the X, Y and Z access.  $99 well spent.  Short learning curve.  Make that model…it will save you lots of $ and grief.

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