Peeling 120 logs- BY HAND!

Posted: May 8, 2016 in Falling/Peeling Trees

Sam, Nathan, Bonnie, Me, Neal and Kara. Peeling fools!

One thing this project is…is A GROUP EFFORT!  Two years ago I did almost all the peeling by hand myself.


Neal, Me, Kara and Sam.

IMG_3582I knew I could not repeat that.  So you can imagine my elation when at least six other friends and family showed up on various days to help.  Wow…what a relief!  There was close to 100 man hours peeling those logs.  And boy did they turn out beautiful!  Of course Neal, my best man got his ‘licks’ in.  And my sister was there on weekends making her presence known.  She helped out in lots of ways including


Neal, Nathan, Sam and Me.  Done!!  120 logs!

helping add a half loft in our garage.  Thanks Sisco!  We also had a couple HS young men from Montesano…Sam and Nathan.  It was nice having some ‘young guns’ around so we could rely on them later in the day when our strength seemed to fade.  Thanks guys!  FYI…I flew in to log trees in the middle of April for a reason.  There are two ‘windows’ of opportunity to log trees if you are planning toIMG_3591 peel bark.  Spring and late summer.  The reason being the sap under the bark needs to be ‘running’ up the tree to make the separation of the tree and the


Stan also came out and peeled and helped with the loft in the garage…thanks Stan!

bark easier to separate.  If you fall the tree at any other time of year you will have a terrible time trying to remove the bark.  Another reason is bugs.  You need to peel bark from the trees within a few weeks of falling them or bugs will have taken over and infested your trees making life miserable.

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