First Row of Logs!

Posted: June 20, 2016 in Stacking Logs

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The most exciting row and definitely the most effort.  Since it’s the ‘sill’ row(first) it needs to be attached to the foundation wall by 3/4” AT(all thread) in our case.  Every 4’.  That means that holes need to be drilled at precise locations in order to lower the log over all rods at once.  There are different methods for sure but since our AT rods were NOT set in the concrete walls evenly and in a straight line we decided to lift the log over the rods…mark the locations…bring the log back to the ground and drill holes…then pray like crazy.  Well, it worked well surprisingly.  My strong suggestion is to position your rods in a precise line.  Goes without saying I’m sure.  You can see all the 2×2′ pads inside the foundation…where the floor posts will be set.  We are using 2×8 floor joists as floor bracing.  Milled lumber will be easier for floor level.  

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