Posted: August 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

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Almost one year ago when I was back in Florida building my log cabin model I came across a problem.  My gable dormers were not letting in sufficient light.  After just sitting on a stool staring at the model(I’m a visual kinda guy) I came up with this solution.  Instead of two small gable dormers I would make one long 16’ shed dormer.  Great…except for one thing…the logs below still needed protection from the rain.  Ok…make a scab roof under the shed dormer windows.  That didn’t work.  Then I saw it…instead of a short roof…level it out and make it a balcony.  Turn one of the three windows into a door…give the now joyce logs instead of the rafter logs a slight slope for water run off and all of a sudden you have a cool balcony you can sit at night and watch the sun set…perfect!  Well…kinda perfect.  Now…as usual…I’ve created a more complicated build.  That’s what life is for right…creativity…outside the box thinking.  Well…ok.  The balcony itself is up now…the issue over the next week will be to build the windows, doors and roof.  Watch as it goes up! How do you guys like the gnarly post logs!  I love ’em.  Oh yeah…a good friend of ours, Tyler, from Florida has come out to help us through the end of the summer…which is October 5th or so.  Thanks Ty!

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