Extender Logs

Posted: August 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

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The cabin is 34’x28’…I probably mentioned that a ways back.  So that means with the gable ends hanging 8-9’ past the cabin wall the ridgepole and the EXTENDERS are 50’ long!  After we got up to the second floor…10 rows…we decided to add four additional rows.  We made that choice because we wanted the rafters to be at least four feet up from the loft floor so we would have extra room and not hit our heads too soon when walking to the edges of the loft.  Kapeesh?  So we added two normal rows…then on the long walls we added the 50’ extender logs…two on each long side.  Instead of passing normally past the walls they passed 8’.  This will allow us to set rafters out 7’ or so past the wall.  Then with 2×6 roof decking extending another 2-3 feet our total extension is very close to 10 feet.  That makes for wonderful log protection.  As usual Bonnie was our ‘go to’ winch specialist.  The new guy Tyler was our Designated Pinner(Sledge hammered rebar into the logs…over and over and over again.  5-600 pieces of rebar was pinned into this cabin.  Tyler didn’t pin them all).  Rob did everything that was asked of him as usual.  Me…well…I guess I did what was left.  We gained a mascot…Kona…Tyler’s 6 month old lab/pit mix.  Sweetest dog you’ll ever meet…lots of fun too…I may have thrown out my arm launching branches out into the forest for her to retrieve. 



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