New Flush Toilet

Posted: June 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

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OK…we have a composting toilet…but when a big crew was on site there were just too many bodies to keep up.  So since we had a gravity fed septic installed in 2015 we have looked forward to the day we had our own flush toilet.  I designed a privy directly over our septic tank…so the plumbing was short and direct.  I had obtained a 300 gallon water container in 2014 but had never really put it to use.  We laid some log posts…put 2×8’ foundation forms on top for the floor.  Another garage sale landed me a pile of lumber already cut to form up a building.  In 2 hours we had our structure.  Jeremy was here for a week and not only built a heavy duty stand for the container but also installed the toilet and did the plumbing.  Thanks Jeremy!  We will remember you every time we flush!  BTW…Jeremy was a huge help here…he fixed pretty much everything I gave him…one was my chainsaw pull cord.  One issue was the connection to the container.  Hardware store didn’t have the correct size so our friend Dave who was visiting that day used the next best thing…a rubber glove.  Since its a low pressure system it works just fine.  I love hillbilly fixes! 

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