Cabin Lifting Poles

Posted: June 10, 2016 in Stacking Logs

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To lift our logs onto the foundation stem wall we use lifting poles.  One in each corner.  Buried 3’ into the ground and extending longer than your highest wall log.  In our case we needed poles reaching over 24’ into the air.  Once in place and buried you’ll need to climb up as far 20’ and double wrap chain to hold the upper pulley.  Above that you’ll need to tie two lengths of rope that will stretch out like a circus tent at angles to hold the poles from bending to far inside.  Then you’ll need two more ropes extending from top of pole to bottom of next pole over to provide more lateral support.  Anyway…lots of stinking rope!  First year I used 1600’ of 5/8” poly rope and this year I’ve gone through over 500’ more.  Cheaper than a boom truck!  $125 for a spool of 600’.  We started to build a form for a sidewalk around the foundation but went with a layer of gravel instead.  We have used 6 sets of pulleys to lift our logs.  Most of my pulleys I found at garage sales, eBay and just getting the word out.  You’ll also need lots of lengths of chain…with hooks on each end preferably. 

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