Second Row of Logs

Posted: June 30, 2016 in Stacking Logs

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The second row of logs are pinned down with rebar.  1/2” this year…two years ago the engineer said use 5/8”…which was twice as hard to pound in with a sledge hammer.  Not sure why the change of heart but we are glad for the smaller diameter rod.  Placed every 4’ a 1/2” hole is drilled through the top log only…a length of rebar is chosen that will reach through the top log and penetrate into the second log half way.  For example…if your top log is 12” and your second log is also 12” you will need an 18” length of rebar to correctly pin your log.  Once the rebar is in the log will begin to shrink around the bar and form a very strong connection.  Again…I said SHRINK…not SETTLE.  I have a stack of over 500 pieces of rebar in varying lengths.  I chose to have them cut at a small expense…you can save money and cut them yourself with a bolt cutter if you choose.  The corners have extra rebar…one horizontally and one at a diagonal.  We do quite a bit of knot cutting once the log is up and we find the right ‘fit’.  Remember, this technique is called BUTT AND PASS.  One log passes past then the next butts up against that one and passes on the opposite end…and so on and so on…

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