The Onalaska Log Building School

Posted: July 1, 2016 in Uncategorized


OK…if you haven’t already heard of Jack and Sharon Tipping and their Onalaska Log Building School…you are in for the best kept secret this side of Oxnard CA(I just like to say that name).  Jack and Sharon built their first log home over 32 years ago and now have 11 log structures on their property.  They are not just teachers of a school…they are passionate about the skill of log building and dedicated to making their students successful.  Even after the class is over Jack and Sharon will do what ever they can to help you through the exciting process of building your very own log cabin.  No, they haven’t paid me for this endorsement.  Are you sold?  You should be.  Did I say that when you take the class you can visit Bonnie and I on the following day!  Bonus right!  OK…maybe not but…

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