Third Row of Logs

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Stacking Logs

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Pretty exciting to watch the logs go up row by row.  It all happens pretty quick really since most of our lower logs were over a foot in diameter and it only takes one log per side to move on.  Jeremy was still here on a ‘working vacation’ from Florida…thanks for all your help Jeremy!  Swinging an 8lb sledge all day long made Jeremy a believer that building a log cabin was work.  Sam has been a welcome addition to our work force as well.  In a couple of the pics you see Jack and I wedging our saws in between logs cutting off knots that have kept the two logs from fitting together as tight as possible.  The tighter the fit the less chinking will be relied upon for insulation.  1/2” rebar was pounded in every four feet with the exception of door and window locations…then allowances were made so as not to ‘run into’ rebar while cutting an opening at a later date.  All total there will be over 800 pieces of rebar driven into the walls of this cabin.  That is a lot of Icy Hot! 

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