Fourth-Sixth Rows

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

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We had some wonderful visitors during our 4th-6th rows for sure.  Jeremy had some friends from FSU traveling by bicycle from Calgary Canada to San Diego CA.  He knew they were biking through WA but had no idea where they were…and they didn’t know he was in WA.  So we pull up to a stop sign and two bicyclists ride across in front of us.  Jeremy goes nuts and yells out the window.  It turned out to be his friends from Florida!  It ended up we invited them up to the cabin where they stayed a few days and helped us chink our garage!  Thanks Jacob and Marcella…it was a ‘win-win’ kinda thing for sure.  We also had a short visit from the Zorns family from Florida.  Shared a campfire and they were off for CA.  We even had a mother and her sons visit from Germany.  I’ve included some close up photos of the chinking on our garage.  First…we waited for two years to chink at all.  That is to let the logs shrink.  We stuffed insulation between the logs first…then we cut 1” strips of 1/4” hardware cloth(fine mesh wire) and wedged them over the insulation.  This keeps boring bugs from boring holes into your structure.  Then we hammered nails at 4” apart and bent them inward for the final layer of chinking to attach to.  You can use several compounds as your chinking…synthetic type material is one…I am choosing to use just plain cement.  It is less expensive.  I will end up using a dye to color the cement.  Note:  Jack has hammered by hand the nails over the years…I am intending to try out a cordless nail gun instead.  That will happen later this summer.  Stay tuned.


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