Cement Footing for Big Red

Posted: July 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

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I purchased a big cedar tree from a mill in Port Orchard WA with the intention to use it as our ce

nter post.  It measured 18’x40”.  It was gorgeous.  Knots and grain everywhere…it looked like a perfect ‘climbing tree’ for the GKids…or at least a beautiful addition to our great room.  My engineer planned for it to have only a one foot thick footing…that would have left almost four feet UNDER our floor.  That wasn’t going to happen so I had a 4x4x4’ footing built so we wouldn’t loose but one inch of tree.  For months I planned just how we would lift this tree into the structure and then stand it upright.  The steel plate on top of the footing had to be boomed onto the footing it was so heavy.  We got a nice campfire pit out of the deal as well.  Kristof was a big help for over a week…Thanks Kristof!  Life up here is not so ‘off the grid’ that we don’t have Netflix with our sat dish and solar footprint.

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