Second Floor Joyce Logs

Posted: July 30, 2016 in Stacking Logs

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OK…here are a set of wonderful photos.  The second floor.  Fourteen 8” logs spaced 24” apart to be used to lay 2x6TG(tongue and groove) flooring on soon.  I will attempt to have the patience to give you some details I think will be interesting. (It is 95 degrees outside and I am happy to be at the Flippin’ 50’s in Elma Washington eating their great food, using their AC and enjoying great hospitality). 

My last post showed placing the joyce beams.  Those two logs go east/west.  One is lagged to Big Red and the other is place halfway between the south wall and Big Red.  We use 5/8”x 14” lag screws.  Now the joyce logs are pulled up on the south end and drug north to span the two beams and the south wall itself.  Are you with me?  Jack(of the Onalaska Log Building School) cut these logs long so we could use the portion that fit best.  So Kara and I measured the diameter of each log and found the 8 1/2” point on each log and made a mark.  We then pulled each log to this mark to the beam lagged into Big Red.  That way we should be very close to level with all fourteen logs…important when we add the 2x6TG dimensional lumber for our floor.  Are you still with me?  We then lagged each log secure.  I found $10 sheets of 3/4” used plywood on Craigslist and bought 30 sheets to make a temporary floor.  My sister Kara helped screw them down.

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