Joyce Log Extenders

Posted: August 4, 2016 in Stacking Logs

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OK…we now have a half loft…but we need a temporary floor over the WHOLE floor.  Because the joyce logs were cut long most of them spanned over the middle close to the north wall.  I could have used scaffolding but thought that was too heavy and expensive.  Later I will be using 16’x2x8’s for the main floor so I went ahead and ordered those to use as temporary loft extenders.  We lagged 2×8’s into the north wall to act as a hanger and brought the 2×8 extenders over.  We then had a strong temporary floor to extend over the Great Room to finish the wall logs and rafters.  Later we will dismantle and use these logs as main floor joyce lumber.  Ok…that was wordy…but I felt it was a good solution that some of you readers may use some day. 

  1. Kevin says:

    Looking impressive! Hope there’s something left of you to enjoy a Florida winter back home. Praying for you my friend.


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