Ridgepole On Deck!

Posted: August 8, 2016 in Stacking Logs

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Well…my second favorite log of course!  50 feet long…almost 18” at one end…it will extend eight feet past both ends of our cabin.  With the extension of the 2×6 the roofing will extend a total of 10 feet past each gable end wall.  That my friend is GREAT LOG PROTECTION FROM THE RAIN!  It took five of us working as a team to get this bad boy onto the second floor deck…Jack, Rob, Sam, Bonnie and myself.  From the photos you can see that we used the two north end sets of block and tackle to initially lift the RP up onto the deck edge.  From there we brought the south end pulleys to replace those pulleys on the end and moved the north pulleys further back on the RP.  Eventually with that strategy we slide the RP to a center point on deck.  Next will be to hoist it straight up on to the three posts.

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